Arizona Marriage License Records Search Tips

All marriage and divorce records in the state of Arizona are cared for by the Clerk of the Superior Court where the event occurred. No records are available for marriage or divorces from the Vital Records Office. Marriage records are available far earlier in Arizona’s history than other public documents due to the important which was placed on marriage.

You will find many records in the state of Arizona are public (save for birth records) and are easily accessible after you have filled out the correct forms and paid for the record fees. All fees are subject to be changed on a yearly basis and should be researched before you attempt to request them.

You should bring your ID and a verified signature with you. You should also bring/mail the following:
• The exact documents you want to receive
• The case number
• The names of all parties at the time the case was filed
• The filing date or year filed
• The number of pages of the document to be copied
• An SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) or a check for shipping and handling in the amount of $5.00
• Day-time phone number for questions

All certificates are available:
By mail – by sending every fee and mandatory information to:
Northeast Regional Court Center
18380 N. 40th St., Suite 120
Phoenix, AZ 85032

In Person – You may visit the office at the above address, or locate on in your area. You can also visit customer support:
Customer Service Center
601 W. Jackson
Phoenix, AZ 85003
(602) 506-3360

Electronically – By visiting this website and following the appropriate information:

Questions – A record message at the following numbers can be listened to which explain many of the programs available:
Outside of Arizona (602) 364-1300
Within Arizona (888) 816-5907

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