Alaska Marriage License Records Search Tips

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services is responsible for public marriage license records. All marriage records are sealed for 50 years.

The family history and genealogy researchers, legal aids, adoptee, etc. have been helped a lot by the search of public records. Within the state of Alaska, marriage records are sealed for 50 years without a court order. If you need to request marriage records before then, you will need to provide adequate reasons and have these reasons verified before a judge. You are required to fill out the suitable form and make payment of the request fee of $20.

If you are requesting information from another country, this information will be provided at an extra cost and such information will rarely include a certified certificate, merely verifications. You must provide the name of the country in order to receive your verification.

As stated earlier, the charges and the requirements vary greatly for such searches of marriage license records.
• Your Identification proof along with your photograph should be submitted besides request form.
• You must sign on your photo ID. In absence of your signature on photo ID, you must submit your notarized signature.
• The search charges/ fees are non-refundable and can be paid by money order. Additional charges should be paid for an expedited search.

All certificates are available:
By mail – by sending the fee and necessary information to:
Department of Health and Social Services
Bureau of Vital Statistics
5441 Commercial Boulevard
Juneau, AK 99801

In Person – Any member of the Alaska Vital Records will be able to assist you.

Questions – Call (907) 465-3391 to verify current fees.

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